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We don’t know about you, but we just love reading other people’s engagement stories. There were so many great entries from last month’s competition that we just had to include them all. Choosing a winner was really hard as we had to decide between the traditional red roses and the best plans gone astray. Given that it is Valentine’s Day coming up, we went with Shen’s red roses although Melanie’s story of Jos’ attempts to swim in Muriwai is definitely memorable! While every story is different, we are glad to report that romance is definitely alive and well out there!

Here are your entries:


Angela of Auckland : My man and I met on the internet, in a chatroom, early in 1997.   We met face to face in May that year along with others from the chatroom that lived in Auckland .  I then moved to the other end of the island.  Once I settled in and got re-connected to the 'net' I issued an open invitation to my 'irc' friends to come and visit.  Brian said great, he would be down in a couple of weeks.  No worries.  Neither he nor I were looking for romance or anything else, we were just friends.  He arrived on my daughter’s birthday,   I did the tiki tour thing and we had a great time.  We had another friend 'Carrot'.  He came up and took us for a ride on his motorbike as Brian was into bikes.  When I got back from the bike ride, Brian helped me off, then kissed me!  Totally out of the blue!  We have been together ever since.   We had a long distance relationship for 18 months.  But with the internet and the telephone we were able to talk to each other every day and would travel up and down the island, or meet in the middle, to spend weekends and school holidays together.  We moved in together after 18mths and then moved back to Auckland in 2000.  I started bellydancing, which I have always wanted to learn.  Last year, 2004, at the national bellydance festival Brian proposed to me.  It was my first year teaching at a national level and performing on stage as a solo dancer.  Unbeknown to me Brian had organised a little 'surprise'.  At the end of the show I was called out on stage and Brian was called up onto the stage.  He was handed the microphone and he proceeded to wish me a happy birthday for the Monday, how much he loved me and that I danced great........"and oh by the way, will you marry me?" as he got down on one knee and took a small ring box out of his top pocket.   I was stunned and speechless!  And the audience of almost 400 people  yahoo'd and stamped their feet!  We have set a date of April 30th this year.  I am so lucky to have met and loved Brian and I count my blessings everyday. 


Lisa of Dunedin : I was in a Christian Band on tour. I had had a crush on my husband since he was 15 and we had been involved in bands together back then and caught up while I was on tour with certain sounds 91, it rekindled friendship and sparks flew when I hit him on the head ha ha ha. Just before I left to go overseas to complete the yearly tour, he proposed to me over cup of earl grey tea and a cheese board selection in a hotel restaurant, no engagement ring but a engagement  bracelet till I returned to pick ring out on my 21st birthday. The proposal was "how bout it then" to which I replied "sounds excellent". That was the start of a great marriage still going strong!


Sam of Tauranga: Partying in a loud and crowded bar, we were up on the dance floor having a ball of a time, when he leaned over and said "Will you marry me?" I fell into his arms and replied "Yes, Yes of course I will".


Chris of Gisborne: I met my ex-husband when I was working at a departmental store in Gisborne and he was helping out Santa Claus in the store as well. It WAS love at first sight, but now we are apart.


Wendy of Lower Hutt : He proposed by placing the ring on my pillow inside the pillow case and waited till I found it and then asked me.


Kathie of Te Puke: We just had our third child and hubby said I think we should get married! He had asked all my older daughters!!


Rachel of Stockton : Well, it all started December 2, 2004 . My older sister called me at work and asked me if I wanted to go out to lunch. I said yes, so about an hour later she picked me up and we started driving around when she pulled into a nail shop. She said “you have a nail appointment”. I was very confused, but went in and I got a manicure and pedicure (I was guessing this was my engagement day at this time)... My sister left me there and in walks in another one of my sisters and my sister-in-law. They took me out to lunch, and left me at the restaurant. So my mom walks in and asks if I want to go for a walk. I say yes (anxious to see what was next!) We were walking along and we stop at a hair salon. We go in and I have an appointment there to get my hair done... my mom of course leaves me there while I’m getting my hair styled. Matt’s mom now comes in the salon and picks me up and takes me to Macy’s to get my makeup done. Before she left, she handed my $75 and said... “you have to buy something here”. So, I did :)


At this time, my friend walks in and takes me to Matt’s grandma’s house. I walk in and there on the table are three presents. I open them and there is a dress, shoes and jewellery. I run to the bathroom and put it all on. I heard a knock at the door so I went to open it and there was Matt’s sister.  She took me to Starbucks and before I could get out of the car she gave me a gift and said “This is from Matt”... so I opened in and there was the Coach Purse that I had been wanting. I walk into Starbucks and there is my dad, waiting for me. We got something to drink and we left. We drove down to the place where Matt and I “became a couple”... a waterfront park. It was now about 8:00 in the evening, my dad and I started walking around and then... I SAW HIM!!!  He was standing there in his dress blues (He’s in the Air Force). And all my family and his family and our friends were sitting my watching. I walked up to him and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.... when I said yes, he pulled out the ring!   After that we went to an elegant restaurant that I have always wanted to go to...


Currently we are planning our wedding for May of 2005, after the wedding we will be moving to England where Matt is stationed. It was a wonderful day, and he had planned it all himself!!!


Rebecca of Palmerston North: It was my birthday and I was at work and Nigel sent me a txt to tell me he was coming out to my work to have lunch with me. He came and picked me up and we went and had lunch in the garden and we were sitting there eating lunch and watching our son play in the grass trying to eat it. When he pulled a green box out of his pocket and asked me to marry him. It was a great birthday present.


Tash of Palmerston North: On the 27th August 2004 my wonderful now fiancé Arron decided to propose to me, and he would do it in bed at 10:30pm . So I had done my nightly ritual, which includes taking out my contact lenses out (which pretty much leaves me 'blind'!) and got into bed. When Arron says "well that didn't work" "look by the photos". So I got out of bed and put my glasses on and saw a card and little box, beside a lit candle. I climbed back into bed not knowing what to expect and read the card then opened the box to find the ring we had both seen at the jewellers' months ago and decided we both liked. I was speechless and then he proposed. Not exactly how he wanted, but at least it gets a good laugh when we tell people.


Selina of Tokoroa: Joel, Rhiarn (our 9 year old daughter )  and I were watching the TV when that the guy off Destinys Church started waffling on about marriage and this guys just irritates me so I said sarcastically to Joel ‘oh well have to get married then if he thinks so’ ( we have been together 10 years) he  gave me the strangest look and said ‘eh’, then Rhiarn and I were being silly walking up the hallway  pretending we were brides walking down the aisle when Joel reappears and says  “Do you really want to get married ??”   “Yes of course”  I say in my most posh voice when out from behind his back comes the  ring all beautifully wrapped  up and he said “well then you had betta have this then” !!!!!!!! Oh my god  shocked surprised and very tearful but just Perfect


Irene of Palmerston North: My partner had casually suggested to me that we get engaged a few months earlier but I had told him that I wasn’t ready.  One day I was watching Dr Phil on TV and he was talking about engagements with someone and I just started thinking about it.  Later that day I told my partner that if he did ask me now I would be ready.  We then talked about it for the next couple of weeks, about how we were both ready and it would be cool and such because we really want to be together forever.  Then one night we were sitting in bed watching TV and talking about it casually some more, when he said "Well, might as well make it official" jumped out of bed got down on one knee and said "Mrs Doodleberry, will you do me the honour of being my wife?" and I said "Yes".  It was the happiest night of my life so far.


Nicky of Auckland : On first discussing marriage with my now fiancé, he informed me that he would like to be proposed to, not the other way around. So I took it upon myself to arrange a proposal and surprise him on his 29th birthday. First, I booked a dinner at quiet romantic restaurant. Although he is happy to wear a wedding ring, he isn't into a multitude of jewellery, therefore I purchased a silver chain for him in place of an engagement ring. I then had the restaurant prepare a cake with the words "Will you be my tane" written in icing (tane means husband in Samoan). We went out for dinner on his 29th birthday, had a lovely meal and I sat nervously until I was ready for the big moment! I had learnt to say will you be my darling in Samoan and spoke these as my first Samoan words to him before the cake appeared and I gave him his necklace. He said yes and the rest is history!


Megan of Auckland : He got down on one knee in the shower!  It was lovely.


Shen of Lower Hutt : I hardly lie to her but this is an exceptional case...  We've just got back from our overseas holiday a week ago, and this is the first weekend that we need to tidy-up our garden. She was insisting that I have to come over early to do the gardening but I told her that I need to sleep-in and recover from the trip.  Anyway, on the morning of Saturday 15/1/2005 , instead of laying on the bed, I went to pick-up my dozen of red roses and breakfast before going back to my flat to change into my suit and tie.  I then went over to her place and sat her down.  She was shocked to see me dressed like that with a bunch of roses in one hand and a ring case in another.  Before I could pop the question, tears started flowing down my cheek and I battled on to ask her to married me.  She was so shocked that she couldn't say a word and I had to remind her to say "yes" or "no".  Of course she said yes.


Michelle of Timaru: Through a raffle I won a scenic flight with a snow landing at Mt Cook.  We had been trying to take the flight for a long time and the voucher was due to run out.  On the day of my birthday my partner, Aidan, pushed and pushed for us to take the flight but the weather didn't look good.  I phoned the company who said we'd have to take our chances that they would be flying because the weather looked set to turn and not for the better.  Aidan insisted that we go and the weather was beautiful when we got there so in the helicopter we got and off we went for our 45 minute scenic flight with a snow landing.  We decided to do the touristy thing when we landed in the snow and have the Pilot take a polaroid.  While I was watching the other passengers play in the snow and the Pilot was preparing to take the photo Aidan was getting down on one knee with the ring at the ready.  I turned when the Pilot said he was ready and Aidan asked me to marry him.  We have three lovely polaroids of the proposal on the peak of a Southern Alp, kindly given to us by the Helicopter Line.


Angel of Dunedin : We were having people over for a few drinks as it was the day after my birthday. I had just come out of my bed room and asked my partner if I looked alright (having just done my hair and makeup). He looked me up and down with a bored look on his face and said "there is something missing". I looked down and thought what making sure I had all my clothes on and shoes, patted hair it was done stormed off to the bathroom and looked in the mirror face was done. Was thinking that smart shit, could have paid me a compliment but no had to say something like that. He walks into the bathroom and hands me a jewellery box and said this was missing. (he had given me earrings for my birthday and I though he must have brought me matching one for my second wholes) So I frowned at him and opened the box. It was upside down and I thought why has he given my a ring as I turned it over. he looked at me and said this was missing will you marry me. He had this huge grin on his face. I looked at him and then I looked at the ring and I said "no", "then are you sure???" and then "well what else would I say but Yes". So there is my story one that will make you laugh and one that is so typical of us as a couple.


Lilian of Auckland : My husband and I met through a mutual friend (at the time) but online.  When I visited him for the second time in the U.S, we knew we wanted to be with one another for the rest of our lives.  On my final day there before returning to NZ, we went to Monterrey Bay in California overlooking the water.  We had been looking for an engagement ring the day before, but he convinced me that it was too short notice and that we'd have to shop the next time I visited or vice versa.  We were sitting on a seat, enjoying the view and the breeze when we had a little battle of who loved who the most.  In the end I announced that I loved him as much as (pointing to the ground all the way to the sky).  It was then that he said he loved me as much as (pointing to the ground) and pointing to the sky with his finger.  To my surprise, he had a beautiful white gold band with a single solitaire diamond on his little finger.  He asked me to marry him, and without hesitation I said yes!  The ring was perfect, it fit immediately and he chose the design all by himself (but how he got the ring is another story).


Melanie of Auckland : We'd been ring shopping so I knew it was on the cards and when he suggested we went to Muriwai Beach for a swim, I wondered if this might be the occasion. For his proposal, Jos decided he'd go for a swim and emerge from the water to pop the question. However he wasn't in the water 5 minutes before a rescue kicked into gear and he was told to get the F**k out of the water. So my man stomped back up the beach and sat down beside me on the towel in a bit of a foul mood, his proposal plans having gone awry. We watched the Westpac rescue helicopter whump-whump whump past several times. Jos hoped they'd fined the person and he'd be able to go back into the water and complete his romantic plan. The sunset was beautiful but the rescue mission going on really wasn't conclusive to romance. After waiting for a long time, I started to get cold and said that I wanted to head home. We waited for another 10 mins but  they were still looking for some poor soul (who died that day) so back to the car we went. We sat there for a little while and then Jos turned to me and said "Mel, I love you a lot. When we get married, will you buy me a ring because this one doesn't fit me very well." And he presented me the ring we'd chosen on his pinky finger. I cried and said 'Yes" of course.

So my proposal was in the carpark at Muriwai and it wasn't typically romantic, but is was quirky like us and I think it makes a nice story.


Nikki of Hawera: This story also features in my Bride Diary . It was my birthday, and my partner had told me I had to wait until that night for my present. He cooked us a beautiful dinner, and we had some wine, and then he went up to our room and came back with my present. He had jokingly told me earlier the wrapping is something I won't come across often. I thought he meant flash wrapping. Anyway, it was wrapped in newspaper (I found it funny, and sweet) as he said that was all he could find around the house. It felt like a picture frame and I thought he had made me a really cool picture (he is into black and white photos on his digital camera).


Anyway I opened it up, and saw the last part of Marry Me?. I started to cry and ripped the rest of the paper off. He had printed on the computer onto a piece of paper WILL YOU MARRY ME? and framed it. Then he gave me the ring. Which was sooo beautiful. Of course I said yes! I thought it was such a romantic and different way of proposing. I certainly never would have thought of it. I love my darling very much, and wanted to let everyone else know how sweet and thoughtful he is.


Meredith of Wellington : Richard got down on his knee in the gondola coming back from a romantic dinner in Christchurch.


Paul of Paraparaumu: Hi, my name is Paul and I met my wife to be, Liz, this time last year.  I had decided that she was the one for me and the week before Christmas I spent 5 hours going from shop to shop to find the perfect ring (have to admit she did give me some ideas on what she liked).  I want to wait until the perfect moment. Christmas day was really great but it just didn't feel like the right time.  On the Monday following we were heading off to go camping in New Plymouth, we had borrowed the tent, the air bed and a camp cooker.  We packed up the car in the morning & we headed off.  It was a lovely day & we had a relaxing drive.  We had both never been to New Plymouth, but we managed to find the motor camp without any hassle (she's a good map reader).  We managed to get the tent up without any hick ups, got everything sorted (the air bed took a long time to pump up), we relaxed for a bit, then decided to cook tea.  This was done very quickly (the sausages were slightly burnt on the outside!), but still tasted good.


We had decided that as the weather was going to be unsettled for the next few days that we would go to the Festival of Lights at Pukekura Park that night.  Liz packed the picnic hamper with crackers & cheese & a bottle of bubbles.  We arrived a dusk, it was looking amazing & surreal.  I decided to take her on the lake on a row boat.  I had thought this was the perfect moment but if she had said no, it might have been a bit awkward, so I waited.  We then walked around the lake looking at all the lights, it was more amazing now it was dark.  We then went to the area where a an Irish man as singing, we sat down on the picnic blanket, had some cheese & crackers, open the bottle of bubbles, which went everywhere.  It was just the perfect day.  I lent over to her, told her that this had been the most perfect day, which she agreed.  I then took a deep breath and said to her " Elizabeth Toy, would you do the honour of becoming my wife" she looked shocked, but a small squeaky 'yes' was replied.  We hugged, and I had to get her to look down to see the ring.  It fitted perfectly. We were so happy and excited, but we had to wait until the next morning to tell our families.  we had the night to take it in, I don't think either of us got much sleep. (and it wasn't the man in the back tent snoring).


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