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By Andrew Mevissen

If you and someone special want to be alone on your honeymoon - perhaps lazing under a pine tree on a clifftop staring at the shimmering ocean with a laden picnic basket by your side - then there's a big rock in the middle of the Pacific that beckons.


It's Norfolk Island, a tiny drop in the ocean that offers a very special getaway to lovers of all ages.

Norfolk Island is acclaimed as one of the world's most beautiful and peaceful islands - and one of the friendliest.


The pine-clad island, mid-way between New Zealand and New Caledonia, is enjoying record visitation as more New Zealanders and Australians escape there to savour Norfolk's rich and colourful heritage, the romantic coastal scenery and of course the legendary tax-free shopping.


An increase in the number of luxury cottages and hotels together with a bevy of stylish new restaurants and cafes has boosted Norfolk's appeal in New Zealand and Australia. A range of low-cost holiday packages has also made Norfolk one of the most affordable honeymoon options available.


As an external territory of Australia, Norfolk boasts its own Government, postal stamps and separate customs, quarantine and immigration laws - even its own language although everyone speaks English as well.


Home to the majestic Norfolk Pine and the friendly descendants of the Bounty mutineers, Norfolk is a unique island paradise perfect for holidaymakers who want to relax and escape the city bustle. Visitors can swim in turquoise lagoons, tuck into the famous clifftop fish fries and tackle one of the world's most scenic (and cheapest) golf courses or go surfing, bush-walking, picnicking, horse-riding and snorkelling.


Norfolk is a remote paradise unlike any other in the South Pacific. For one thing it has towering pine trees in place of waving palms and it was first settled by westerners - British transportees from the penal settlement of Botany Bay.


Plunging coastal cliffs at one end recede to a gentle lagoon at the other, and it was here that the original settlement of Kingston took shape.


Today the island is home to the descendants of the Bounty mutineers and their Tahitian wives who make up 30 per cent of the population as well as Australians and New Zealanders, but reminders of the grim penal days abound. Many of the earliest buildings have been restored to their original state, providing a vivid memento of the hardship that was life in a remote, often forgotten settlement.


This has left its mark in many other ways. One is the blend the two vastly different cultures - British and Tahitian - have had on the development of traditional Norfolk cuisine. Menu selection is varied from succulent beef and lamb dishes to Tahitian-style fish fries and with all produce grown or caught virtually next door to the various restaurants, the food is fresher than fresh.


Norfolk's 50 shops stock a wide range of tax-free products that provide excellent value for visitors. Quality footwear and fine porcelain are just two lines among many that will tempt your purchasing instincts.

Norfolk Island's mild, sub-tropical climate, with average temperatures of 20 degrees Celsius, makes it an ideal year-round destination.


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