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Cutting the Cake

The couple hold the knife together to make the first cut. The bride holds the knife in her right hand with the groom's right hand on hers and her left hand on top.  If the cake is iced with hard icing you might need to pre-cut so they don't appear to struggle. 

Then the cake is taken away and cut into enough slices for each guest to have a piece. Extra pieces might be cut for absent friends or relatives and sent to them in special cake boxes.

Queen's Cake

When Princess Elizabeth married the Duke of Edinburgh in 1947, their wedding cake was 9' high and weighed 500lbs.  It was made with four tiers supported by silver pillars.

New Zealand's largest wedding cake

Ray and Sandra Havilitama's wedding cake, which weighed in at 62 kilos, may have been New Zealand's biggest ever before it was cut up and distributed to guests when the couple married in 1993.

The enormous cake took five people four days to make and came complete with a small lit-up fountain in the middle, and a bride and groom perched at the very top.

The cake was designed by Eileen Faulkner of Decor Cakes and cost $1,600.

From The New Zealand Book of Records
Jonathan Eisen & Katherine Joyce Smith, ATI Press, ISBN 0-9583334-2-4

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