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It's not hard to make one table look special - but when you've got lots of tables and time or  financial limitations it can be a real challenge.


With this in mind we went looking for easy table centrepieces for $10 to $20 per table.

Here's what we came up with ... 


Granny Smith apples piled into a bowl
  with small bright coloured flowers filling the gaps.  
We used yellow serviettes to match the flowers.  
Doesn't have to be apples - experiment ...
Gold bowl from The Warehouse, silk flowers from Spotlight.


These candlesticks were a bargain - only $2.99 each.  
They looked equally good grouped in the middle of the table,
or with one at each place setting.
You could add a tag and use them as place cards or favours.
Candlesticks and candles from The Warehouse.


The same candlesticks (above) festooned with black tulle
 and fun red heart-shaped lights.  
Candlesticks and lights from The Warehouse, 
tulle and candles from Spotlight.


A terracotta pot and paper daisy gave
a soft romantic look, but you could use any potted colour
to match your colour scheme.  
Bonus instant garden for your deck after the big day!
Terracotta pot and daisy from The Warehouse.


A plain glass bowl with clear glass 'stones' and
floating pink camellias.  An individual votive candle 
at each place would be a pretty finishing touch.
You don't have to have identical bowls on each table!
See what you can borrow from friends.
Glass bowl and stones from The Warehouse.


If you need the middle of the table for serving dishes you
could float a small flower in a water glass for each guest.


A straight glass vase with river stones in the bottom
and one dramatic flower submerged in the water.
Again, you might be able to borrow the vases and save $$$.
Vase from The Warehouse, 
river stones and silk freesia from Spotlight.


A simple gold bowl with three golden candles.
We scattered green/gold glass stones around the base of the candles.
Gold bowl and glass stones from The Warehouse.


A plain three-wick candle on a dinner plate. 
We softened the edge with pot pourri.
Candle and pot pourri from The Warehouse.


We found this gold stand/ three candle set at
The Warehouse for $9.95 - all ready to go!