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This is how it is done traditionally - feel free to make all the changes you need to suit your family and friends.

The bride

In short:

  • Makes major decisions about the style of the ceremony and reception
  • Chooses her attendants
  • More details

The groom

In short:

  • Makes legal arrangements (certificate and licence)
  • Makes the second speech at the reception
  • More details

The bride's mother

In short:

  • Acts as wedding hostess
  • Sends out invitations
  • Makes arrangements for the reception
  • Is present at the signing of the register
  • Partners the groom's father for the recessional
  • More details

The bride's father

In short:

  • Escorts the bride to the church and gives her away
  • Partners the grooms' mother for the recessional
  • Makes the first speech at the reception
  • More details

The groom's parents

  • Present for the signing of the register
  • Partner the bride's parents for the recessional
  • May help to pay for and plan the reception

The best man

  • Aids the groom with his arrangements
  • Accompanies the groom to the ceremony
  • Organises the ushers
  • Looks after the ring and gives it to the groom during the ceremony
  • Partners the chief bridesmaid/matron of honour for the recessional
  • Makes the third speech at the reception and reads the messages
  • Looks after the honeymoon documents and luggage
  • More details

The chief bridesmaid/matron of honour

  • Helps the bride with her preparations
  • After the reception helps her change and looks after the wedding dress
  • More details



  • Greet and seat the guests at the ceremony
  • Help with parking arrangements and transport
  • More details


  • Partner the bridesmaids for the recessional

Page boys & flower girls

  • Walk up the aisle with the bride (either in front or behind)
  • The flower girls may scatter petals in front of the bride
  • The page boys may carry a small ring cushion
  • Partner each other for the recessional
  • Help serve the wedding cake at the reception

Reception MC or toastmaster

  • The MC or toastmaster judges when the speeches should start,  introduces each speaker in turn and announces the programme for the rest of the reception.
  •  More details

Roles - Overview, Grooms Parents, 
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