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Tui and Maraina Real Wedding Story

Alex and Rachael were in Vietnam on holiday with their best friends Karen and Tim. Alex arranged for a rooftop spa at the hotel for a romantic evening. Wine, Flowers and candles set the mood along with a full moon. Alex suggested that on their way home stopping through Singapore that perhaps they could look for an engagement ring........ Singapore arrived and the lovely diamond solitiaire ring was purchased - yet no proposal..... Arriving back in New Zealand Rachael was not wearing the ring however quickly made a nail appointment in case... Alex met Tom (Rachael's Dad) for a drink and asked permission to marry Rachael... Rachael was nearby walking along the beach when Alex caught up to her at sunset on Browns Bay Beach in Auckland and went down on bended knee and proposed - The answer of course was YES!!!

The proposal was on Thursday 27th October 2005 where we quickly decided to get married on a tropical island with family and close friends. The entire planning of the wedding took roughly 10 months. Deciding on Rarotonga as the island of choice, Pacific Resort was highly recommmended to us by friends. Constanza our wedding planner at Pacific Resort was wonderful and the entire ceremony, marquee, meal, DJ/Dance and reception was arranged via email - only meeting Constanza 3 days prior to the big day.



Our invitations were fantastic, Rachael located a website and found the most awesome invitations that fitted the Island theme perfectly. They were magnets in the shape of a jandal with Frangipani flowers on them. Rachael's mum made some lovely gold table parcels filled with chocolates for all the guests. Other than that, Pacific Resort arranged all the tables with personalised menu's and seating plans.


Our wedding theme wasn't strict at all but we wanted smart but comfortable attire to be worn, the colour of the day was a startling blue to match the sky and sea, worn by the bridesmaids, the groomsmen had matching blue topaz diamante buttons with Alex having a diamond to match Rachael's white dress and tiara.


The only MUST HAVE was to relax, have a good time and not only enjoy the day but have a great holiday also.



The spectacular weather was a good start but the candle ceremony joining our two families together was very special. Both mum's came forward and the four of us lit individual candles igniting the flame of one large candle signifying as one.


The romantic marquee situated on the beachfront was decorated in sheer white tafetta, white table cloths and napkins, palm leaves scattered throughout and fairy lights everywhere, the smell of gardinia's was heavenly. Rachael and Alex were blown away also by how many people stood up to say a little something for the speeches. The DJ commenced at 8pm and everyone young and old hit the dance floor and had a fantastic night.


Rachael chose her dress looking on the internet the day after Alex proposed, she went to Felicity's Bridal Salon the next weekend to try the dress on and bought it!!! A few fittings were necessary however on the day the dress fit perfectly. Rachael wore a white, halter neck Venus dress, with crystal and seed pearls design on the bodice - down to past her hips. Rachael wore a sheer veil, diamond tiara with matching drop earrings and bracelet. Rachael also wore white satin shoes, all of the above was purchased from Felicity's Bridal Salon, Victoria Street, Auckland. Alex chose classic cut black trousers, black neiru shirt with diamond stud at the neck completing the outfit was a embroided silk backed black waistcoat. All were made to measure from The Tux Shop, K'Rd, Auckland.


Rachael had 3 bridesmaids all of a similar build (although one alot taller) that looked stunning in a bold bright blue dress from Stax, the dresses looked fantastic with the sea and the sky in the photo's. Alex also had 3 groomsmen also all of a similar build - they wore the same outfit as Alex however instead of the diamond stud they wore a matching blue topaz stud to match the bridesmaids..


Undoubtedly the most romantic moment was when we clasped eyes on each other as Rachael was walking down the isle, that special moment of seeing each other in our wedding attire.


Hmmm we can laugh at it now I suppose...... When the ring cushion came out there was only Alex's ring to be seen, other than the mock plastic ring attached to the cushion. As Rachael's ring was not there the celebrant untied the mock ring and proceeded to hand it to Alex to place on Rachael's finger..... During the candle ceremony, Rachael's ring was located and the celebrant announced "Before I pronounce you husband and wife - maybe Alex would like to give Rachael the PROPER ring" another ring ceremony took place. (some interesting photo's were taken by the photographer showing Rachael & Alex's initial reaction SHOCK at being handed the wrong ring).


The best decision was to have our wedding in Rarotonga and also at Pacific Resort, our wedding co-ordinator was fantastic and made our day completely stress free, nothing was too much trouble.



We spent 3 luxurious days in the tropical paradise Aitutaki Island. It is a 45 minute flight from Rarotonga. We stayed also at Pacific Resort in Aitutaki in a honeymoon suite situated on the lagoon's edge. Undoubtedly the most beautiful place we have ever seen.


Married life is great 5 weeks down the track, we are best friends and value what we share. As we have had 6 years together prior to our marriage that has definately formed a solid foundation for the years to come. Thanks for sharing in our memories of the best day of our lives.


Kindest regards Rachael & Alex