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Gordy entered a Valentine's Day competition in a local newspaper. Use 12 words or less to describe your Valentine. He wrote ... "You are the angel in my life,... please become my wife." We won all sorts of prizes. We had to meet with the paper before printing, to get photos of us receiving our prizes. I had no idea what was going on, nothing about the competition nor what Gordy had written. When it was all over, the paper lady and Gordy had silly looks on their faces. Next thing I knew, Gordy had a ring box in his hand asking me to marry him. I said yes but was fully aware a stranger was watching us (in tears) and we were in the paper's carpark (he couldn't wait). I had to wait 4 days to find out what Gordy had written.



We set the date for 2 years ahead to give us time to save. I booked the ceremony venue first about 18 months out. I just researched things as we went and booked things we felt were right. So we didn't feel like we were 'planning' for 2 years.

Our theme was peas! We met when I was working in a factory processing peas and Gordy was the truck driver who delivered the peas. So I had snow peas and gold sprayed pods in my bouquet. Our wonderful florist found a pot plant that looked like peas strung together and used that. We had 2 peas on our wedding cake The bride had a tiara and the groom had a top hat.


We brought matching paper and envelopes for the invitations. Once we had worked out the wording for the invitations, I printed them out on our computer.


I re-covered our disposible cameras in some bright coloured cardboard we had lying around. All very simple without a lot of attention on being 'perfect'.

The fact that my parents had said their wedding vows on that day 50 years earlier was quite emotional and a wonderful way to start our 50 + years together. There wasn't a dry eye in the place when I made the children's vows. I pledged to love them, treat them like my own and happily take on the obligations that comes along with them. I think that helped make the boys feel included and it wasn't just mine and Dad's day. We became a family.


The fact that we have a great family and friends network so overwhelming. Gordy's Aunty, cousin and her partner sang a song to us. They weren't The Corr's but they sang from the heart and did a great job.

I wore an off-the-shoulder white dress. It had chiffon overlay that made it floaty and pretty. The top had a flower patterned lace with gold thread across the bust and it went down to my waist at the back.


The girls wore a 2 piece outfit, a basic bodice with an A-line skirt. They were dupion silk lavender with a pink shot. The colour varied in diffrent light,with a silk black shawl. The guys had black pants and shirts, the bestman wore a matching purple vest while the boys wore a black vest with matching purple fat tie. The groom wore a white vest with a gold detail and white fat tie. He said from the start NO TIE! but he decided he would when we went for the fitting.


We had one wedding car that took us girls to the ceremony and then took me and Gordy to the reception. It was a red '58 Chevy Impala convertable. I think it stole the show when we arrived.....


Seeing Gordy at the end of the aisle and as I got closer seeing the tears well up. He said that was what he liked best too, seeing me and our daughter walk up to him.


The funniest moment: We were organising the boys a ride in the wedding car, while everyone was inside clapping and cheering waiting for us to make our entrance......... so the MC started doing aerobics to keep everyone warmed up while they waited.


Something old and blue - was a bracelet my bridesmaids had given me for my 25th birthday, it is gold with blue stones.
Something borrowed - was my sister's earrings.
Something new - my white Doc Marten boots.



Having the ceremony at Pat's Secret Garden, it is such a beautiful place. Pat & Phil Collins are just so helpful, friendly and accomodating. I wouldn't change a thing. Most people said it the day flowed well, the food was amazing, we had done an wonderful job getting things together. My MIL said I had done a fantastic job and I can organise her 60th birthday for her.

The fact that we have a great family and friends its so overwhelming, to know how much people do care, want to help and will do anything for you. It's nice to be loved.


We honeymooned in Rotorua. We managed to get 3 child free days. We swam with wild dolphins in Whakatane. Fan-dilly-astic! Highly reccommend doing that. We patted and played with Lion cubs.

Had massages and facials at The Polynesian Spa. Total relaxation.



It's the same but different. We've been together for 5 years and have a 3 year old but I feel like part of the family now. I think the boys feel like its ok to call me Mum, if/when they want to. I feel like I can plan and rely on the future now, knowing that we are in it together. It's hard to explain it's not 'just a piece of paper' - it's commitment and dedication all rolled together.


Advice..... Remember to plan your marriage not just the wedding. Enjoy your day, don't fall into the 'perfect' trap = just do what you feel is right for you..... no holds barred.


Good luck and Happy marriages to all xx