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Timothy Proposed. We won a trip to Sydney through my job as a sales incentive and we went for 10 days during October. Tim proposed at the Opera House the day before my birthday (04/10/2004). I had no idea, and was completely overwhelmed, saying YES, before he even had the chance to pull the ring out. I think it only set in the next day that we were engaged, cause when I saw the ring on my finger the next day, it felt so real!! We set the date then, for 2 years time, on our 2 years engaged anniversary as a number of friends & family were getting married in 2005. We ended up moving the date a little, to get better weather.


It took a good year. First was the Dress, I chose it over a year before the wedding, and never changed my mind. I'm glad I started with the dress because it was really out of our budget range, and having all that time to prepare and save - where there is a will there is a way! Then we just worked on everything bit by bit. It all came together nicely - a few hic-ups on the day, but not everything is in your control, and you just have to relax on the day.



We made the invitations, menu's, seating cards, order of service cards. Bride's mum made some FANTASTIC favours - coasters with our new Surname pressed into it. FABULOUS gift to us for our guests. It was so much fun, and the result at the end when you hear and see the outcome of all your hard work is just fantastic.



We had a colour theme - White & Gold. Found my theme colours on this website actually. Was a great choice, and I wouldn't change it.



The ceremony was great - we wrote it ourselves, and the vows/promises were great because I remind myself of them daily. They took a while to write, and it was difficult to choose the right words. We had a non-religious ceremony as Timothy is not religious and I am, but everything came from the heart.



The service we received at the Centra Hotel at the Airport was FANTASTIC. They made the event run smoothly, helped our MC out at the start of the evening, had everything catered fantastically, threw in our room complementary as well as a breakfast. They were very flexible with our numbers as we had a family member fall ill around the wedding, so had a lot of last minute changes to our numbers etc which the staff were ever so accepting and accommodating of. They made the reception what it was.



The mother of the groom and a family friend of the grooms family made our flowers. A mutual friend of the bride and groom did our hair for the bride, and the 2x bridesmaids.

I wore a dress from Astra Brida - Mary 8512 I think the dress is. It was hard to chose the right dress before I found it. I wanted a "not so big" dress which would make me appear tall and slim, I didn't want a huge formal wedding, so wanted a "low-key" dress. When I found this one which was HUGE and puffy with layers (I think 12 layers) of petty coat, I didn't look back and worked and worked and worked to pay it off.



The groom wore a really nice suit from Exclusive suits - the Guirlain (or something like that) which was really really nice too. He looked very handsome in it.


The Bridesmaids wore gold dresses with a raised waist (like a babydoll dress) which looked great against their skin-tones. The Groomsmen wore suits from Frank Casey suit hire - the boston suit I think it was.



We didn't bother with special cars as we had to walk from the carpark to the wedding venue anyway, and there would be no one to see us arrive at the reception either.



When I arrived at the ceremony, I was terribly late and I had been crying for a long time - I think it was nerves. As soon as I saw him, it all went away. I was waving and pretty much sprinted down the isle to give him a big hug and a kiss. Then when the celebrant said "I now pronounce you husband and wife".



When I said "I do" before the celebrant had finished asking the question. I felt pretty silly, but when the question was actually finished, I was just like "I do - AGAIN" and it made everyone have a little giggle.



We kept some of the tradtional vows because we wanted to remember the "in sickness and in health, and the till death do us part" because life time commitment through richer or poorer is very important to us. Tims mum gave him a toko toko which his grandfather had made for his father. Tim's father passed away about 10 years ago, and she passed this to him at the wedding as a part of her speech.



The main disappointments were:
1. The DJ - he was very unprofessional, and we could not hear any music throughout the entire dinner. We chose a fairly expensive one as I believe you get what you pay for - but that wasn't the case this time.
2. Get a driver - that way would arrive on time at the ceremony and wouldn't have had the groom driving us from the wedding to the reception.



Goldcoast - Was fantastic and the weather was so nice. We stayed in the marrakesh resort which was a good choice. We had a great time and bought "3 park super pass" we only went to each park 1 time.



Married life is good. I don't find it much different to how it was before, but it does feel more comfortable to say "my husband" rather than "my partner" and I'm looking forward to kids. They are somewhere in the future.