Pre-loved wedding dress - $1000

Size: 8-12

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Gorgeous Silk Gown

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Here are a few ideas ...

If you try for all these photos there'll be no time for fun - so just choose the ones that really appeal to you.


If you're having a small number of wedding photos, then consider the ones in bold.

Before the ceremony

The Bride

  • alone
  • dressing or adjusting veil
  • with officiant
  • with parents
  • with mother
  • with father
  • with maid of honour
  • with bridesmaids
  • alone at ceremony venue
  • looking out of window reflectively
  • ready to walk down aisle

The Groom

  • alone
  • dressing with his attendants
  • with parents
  • with best man
  • with ushers
  • leaving for the ceremony


  • each one receiving flowers

At the ceremony

  • groom and best man outside ceremony venue
  • bride and bridesmaids outside ceremony venue
  • arriving guests
  • bride and father entering ceremony venue
  • each attendant as they wait to walk down the aisle
  • processional
  • exchanging vows
  • presenting rings
  • couple kissing
  • signing the register
  • recessional
  • couple standing at the ceremony venue door
  • couple leaving for reception
  • couple looking through rear car window
  • altar and decorations

Before the reception


  • together
  • with best man and bridesmaids
  • with best man, bridesmaids and bride's parents
  • with best man, bridesmaids and groom's parents
  • with whole bridal party
  • with child attendants
  • with celebrant
  • two families together
  • with bride's parents
  • with groom's parents
  • with uncles/aunts
  • with friends from overseas
  • with guests
  • with all attendants, both sets of parents and extended families
  • leaving for the reception


  • with parents
  • with grand-parents
  • with bridesmaids
  • with best friends


  • with parents
  • with grand-parents
  • with attendants and ushers
  • with best friends

At the reception


  • together
  • making grand entrance
  • receiving toasts
  • toasting each other
  • cutting wedding cake
  • feeding cake to each other
  • clasping hands (clasp)
  • leaving for honeymoon
  • bride tossing bouquet
  • groom tossing garter
  • groom carrying bride
  • saying goodbye to your parents after the reception


  • couple
  • bride and father
  • bride and father-in-law
  • groom and mother
  • groom and mother-in-law
  • bride's father and groom's mother
  • bride's mother and groom's father
  • bride's parents
  • groom's parents
  • bridesmaids and ushers
  • guests


  • receiving line
  • receiving line greeting guests
  • food on buffet table
  • wedding cake
  • head table
  • parent's table
  • guest's tables
  • musicians playing
  • toasts to couple
  • decorated getaway car
  • guests throwing rice