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Makeup Tips with RealWomenMakeup.com



By Debbie Jean

Creator of www.realwomenmakeup.com

Bridal Make-Up Tips By Debbie Jean of realwomenmakeup.com


Whether you are going to D.I.Y it or hire a professional make-up artist to apply your make-up, it's important to know these basic bridal make-up rules:


If you are planning on getting a tan for your wedding you need to know the following:

  • A spray tan is safer than the sun or going on a sun-bed.
  • Make sure your foundation and powder still match your tanned skin - ever noticed a brides face looking white in her wedding photos? Make sure that is not you!
  • If you are going to tan your body, but not your face, use a darker foundation on your face to match up to your tanned neck and shoulder area.

General makeup tips:

  • Make-up artists use yellow toned shades of foundation, concealer and powder, because they look more natural once blended onto the skin. Pink tones look old fashioned and obvious on the skin.
  • If you never really wear make-up, it's important to consider wearing it for your wedding. Your photos will last a lifetime, remember when your hair has been done and you are looking so beautifully dressed, a make-up free face won't work with the rest of the look.
Before and After
  • Wear a high quality foundation, concealer and powder - it will help your make-up last and being high quality will feel feather light on your skin. These 3 products ensure a smoother more flawless finish to your skin - especially for your wedding photos.
  • Apply concealer after foundation. This way you won't wipe your concealer off when applying your foundation.
  • Set your foundation and concealer in place with loose powder to ensure a lasting finish. Also use loose powder to reset your make-up throughout the day.
  • Shaping and defining your eyebrows is an important step to focus on, your eye area will look more open and groomed and you will have space in which to apply your eye shadow.
  • Eye shadow and eye liner adds definition to your eyes and brings out your eye colour. Natural applications are suitable for morning or midday weddings and darker more glamorous applications are best for afternoon or evening ceremonies. Avoid wearing blues, greens, pinks and mauves, opt for neutral shades of stone, beige, brown and grey, the darker your skin the deeper the shades can go. Applying the smokey eye application works well to define and enhance a more glamorous look. Never apply one shade of eye shadow all the way from your lashes right up until your eyebrows. Apply a highlighter like off-white under your eyebrow and a shading colour through your eye crease for example.
  • Wear waterproof mascara, you don't want black tears running down your face.
  • Add colour and shape to your face with blusher. Use either a dewy cream formula or a regular pressed powder formula. To add shape to the cheeks use neutral shades of blusher under your cheek bones. To add colour use subtle pinks and peachy tones on the apple of your cheeks. For darker skin tones increase the intensity of the pink or peach and use deeper plumy pinks and burnt orange tones.
  • If you have small lips aim for a lighter or brighter lipstick shade. Fuller lips are more versatile and suit most lip applications. Lip gloss adds the final touch and creates a fashionable sexy look.
  • Hold a few tissues directly behind your bouquet when you enter the ceremony, if you do cry you will have tissues on hand to catch your tears.
  • Touch up your make-up after the ceremony. Give one of your bridesmaids your touch up kit and a hand mirror. You can refresh your make-up before the photos.

Practice makes perfect and your photos last a life time, so the time spent sorting out your make-up kit and practising is well worth it.

Debbie Jean

Your on-line make-up artist.




To read more information on applying your new look visit my make-up website. You will find detailed notes and images on wedding make-up.

For those viewers who would like to subscribe for a more personalised make-up analysis, I also offer a complete on-line personalised make-up guide, which includes an:

  • eyebrow shaping and defining chart
  • eye shadow and eye liner application charts
  • blusher application chart
  • colour chart and shopping guide
  • subscribers also receive video clips on how to apply their new look.

For DIY brides, this personalised make-up service is all that you'll need. http://www.realwomenmakeup.com

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