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While a wedding is all about the love and commitment between two people very much in love, it is surprising how often the romance gets forgotten in the hurly burly of the planning of the event. Often brides and grooms can be heard muttering that the wedding ended up being more about keeping their parents happy than romance.

Do not despair however, all is not lost. We have eight great tips for ensuring that the wedding remains about romance rather than family obligations!

Personalise your vows. Now don’t screw up your nose - personalising your vows doesn’t mean you that have to gush and share your innermost secret thoughts with all of your friends and family. It just means adding something of yourself to the vows – a special moment to record your love for each other. Your vows will mean much more if you have put some thought and effort into them and have tailored them to suit your personality.

Plan a special first night together. With couples often heading off on the honeymoon the next day, it can be a bit of a let-down just heading back to an empty hotel room or house after your reception. If you are staying in a hotel, order a midnight snack (you would be surprised how many couples don’t have time to eat at the reception) and a bottle of champagne. Even if you don’t end up drinking it ,you can take it with you and it will just make your time together feel more special. If you are staying at home, set up the room before you leave in the morning with things such as flowers, candles or chocolates. Get the house professionally cleaned and the bed sheets changed - who doesn’t love a clean house and new bed! Basically, you are setting the scene for your first night of marital romance.

Choose wedding music that means something. If you don’t have a special song, choose one together that can come to mean something in the years to come. It is deciding on these special things that can make the planning of the wedding that much more romantic.

Arrange to have a gift or card sent to your partner as he or she is getting ready for the big day. This is a great reminder of why you are getting married and your feelings for each other so even if get caught up in the day will know what you are thinking.

Take time out of your planning to plan dates together when you are not allowed to talk wedding business. Instead, talk about your future plans together and take time to remember your past together.

Take the opportunity in your speech at the reception to say the things that maybe you couldn’t voice during your vows. It will be easier to say in the more casual and relaxed atmosphere. Remember all of your guests are family and friends.

Do something spontaneous together to mark the occasion of your wedding. For example, think about something that your partner has always wanted to do and take a step out of your comfort-zone to do it – like promise to go skydiving together, got to the restaurant and order a six course meal, or attend a health spa.

Engrave your wedding rings with a special message (and maybe include the date for the forgetful partner so he or she remember every anniversary).