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How do Hens and Stags party?

As you are probably aware we have been holding a competition for the best ideas for a hen or stag party. We had heaps of entries so thought we would share them with you all (including those that won last month’s competition). Thanks for all your entries it was great reading through them all!


Laine of Dunedin: A week beforehand we all put the name of our favourite heroine (real life, stage/screen) in a hat. Then we dipped in and whatever name we pulled out, we had to dress as that person for the night. On the day before the hen night we held a similar "draw" for our favourite food, favourite cocktail and favourite song. We all ended up in "fancy-dress" (we had a Marilyn Monroe, a Debbie Harry, a Germaine Greer, Scarlet O'Hara ...etc)at an Indian restaurant, sipping dry martinis, and then went on to a disco (as they were known then)and made quite a splash on the dance floor to the sounds of Gloria Gaynor! It was a really fun night and we'd all had some input into it.


Vicki of Rangiora: For a unique and fun hen party theme, hire a belly dancer to give a demonstration and lessons in this sensual dance.  The bride-to-be can put on the traditional costume of beaded hip scarf, head dress and veil.  Perhaps these items could be part of a gift to her so that on her honeymoon, she will be able to surprise and thrill her husband with her new talent. Food and decor can also follow a Morrocan, Turkish or Lebanese theme. The spirit of the evening should be a celebration of women and female bonding.

Jacquie of Whakatane:  A day of wine tasting with the bridesmaids and girlfriends instead of the usual pub crawl. Local wineries particularly in Auckland are happy to suggest itineraries. Choose designated drivers or arrange for a car service.


Mel of Hamilton: A treasure hunt for the Hen is always fun. The guests help the Hen collect an assortment of things from a list that was arranged earlier. Items like a kiss from an elderly man, talking a barman into giving her a free drink, something old, new borrowed and blue and so on. It's great fun for all the guests and makes for a really memorable day.


Renei of Manawatu: Have an aromatherapy or a makeup party. So you can make sales and look good if the party wants to go out, and it breaks the ice for guests for to make conversations, etc.


Bronwyn of Dunedin: Away for a weekend to Karatane, and just hang with my best girls and pamper ourselves all weekend


Yvette of Auckland: Perfect weather (well we'd like to hope so) and a nice calm ferry trip to Waiheke lunch and drinking in a vineyard gourmet restaurant. Trip back (slightly more intoxicated and maybe an extra kg cause the food was good) Dinner in a viaduct restaurant and then partying till dawn in Auckland ’s funkiest nightclubs


Melany of New Plymouth: As I live in NP and many of my friends live in Auckland I've decided to have the Hens night half way in between, in Waitomo.  We're all going to go caving in the Waitomo caves, then stay the night in the plane hangers and train cabooses you can hire there.  After caving for the day, we'll all have some beauty therapy. Facials, manicures, massages etc whilst having champers, cheese & crackers and any other delectable we fancy.  After that we'll all go out to the local pub and have a night out with the locals there.  Small town pubs are great as they have heaps of atmosphere and the locals are usually really friendly, I'm sure we'll have met half the town by the end of the night!  Also having a hens night away from your home town makes you feel a bit more free to let your hair down and make an idiot of yourself.


Jessica of Palmerston North: Have a whole Indian Arabian theme night with people getting dressed up in costumes, have belly dancers and monkey handlers and the best part would be to have an elephant (probably couldn't do this in New Zealand though have to be overseas) wandering around, maybe make entrance on the elephant... oh and maybe a tiger in a cage or something similar. there would have to be decadent food and beautiful drapings of cloth all around (and semi-transparent making rooms, beaded curtain doorways etc), round seating sari cushions and arabic/persian/indian music, flowers and incense. however I don't really like the whole separation of the sexes thing, it would have to be both partners there with heaps of friends, sort of a pre-wedding celebration party - semi-re-engagement or similar - exotic fruits and spiced wines, candles, a fire-blower/dancer or three, entertainment of the exotic-over-the-top kind of thing. That would be an awesome party!


Karena of Masterton: For my sisters hen's afternoon her brides maid's put her in the back of a ute with high side's so it look like she was in a cage and she got dress up with a bright pink veil and a dress up big nose and glasses then they drove her around town. on the ute they had sign's to get people to toot their horns at her and arranged someone to follow to video it so she can remember it. It was such a laugh I can't remember the last time I laughed so much, I just hope that they don't do that to me when its my hens night.


Simon of Auckland: When I was best man, we all went go-karting which was a great way to get to know each other and a bit of competition. We then headed into town and had dinner (all you can eat meat buffet – perfect for growing men) followed by many drinks at numerous bars down at the viaduct. The evening finished at a different sort of bar which puts on a good show for bachelors and every stag party needs a few scantily clad women!!


Neala of Blenheim: Theme dinner & a movie nights.  For those who like to eat & drink but don't want to spend their celebration of single life doing it in a bar, pick a theme and have drinks & food to match a classic movie.  "Gone with the Wind" with Southern cookin', " Casablanca " with as many martinis as you can dream up and yummy finger food, heck, even "Cool Runnings" with rum & reggae. To add even more fun, dress the part so when you're sipping on your cocktail, you WILL feel like saying "Play it again, Sam"!


Lisa of Palmerston North: My idea for a hen party is to get a handful of my best friends, head to the beauty salon for the morning to get pampered and beautified, then go to the Wairarapa in a limo and we will (of course) drink champagne all the way there and have nibbles and lots of delicious 'snackies' on the way.  When we reach Greytown we will 'disembark' the limo and head to the local pub for a drink or two.  Then to the shops!  After giving the credit cards a thrashing, we'll head to a charming cafe nestled amongst the grapevines for 'hi tea'.  A bicycle tour of the vineyards in Martinborough will follow and then, if we have any energy left, we'll enjoy a game of petanque.  Our awaiting limo will drive us home where we will join other friends for a wonderful meal, thus ending an absolutely AWESOME day!


Jax of Whakatane: The most fun time that a best man could give the groom is a themed weekend based on the groom's favourite hobby or sport. If you've ever been on a road trip with a bunch of friends who together really put in the effort to prepare for this Stag weekend , you'll have some awesome memories, lifetime friends and hilarious stories of pranks that you can still laugh about in 20 years time. Just the one weekend of special friendship and moral boosting is everlasting especially as the groom's new marital circumstances somewhat curtail his freedom " out with the boys".


Stephanie of Palmerston North: A scavenger hunt. In an area you know set the girls tasks to complete, eg in the dairy ask the keeper for something long and hard (give him a nail or screw earlier!)at the park(where your little siblings are planted) make them ask a child if they would like a sweetie and then they give them more directions. We also planted some face paint and made them come back with a butterfly, a flag, a clown etc - the girls loved it!! They ended up at my parents house in complete hysterics, having no idea that I knew everybody they had just seen and they had a fantastic time.


Cathy of Auckland: Invent a "hen night" treasure hunt where you all jump on a bus and driven around town and you all have to pick out mystery "things to do" from a hat.  These could be things like "ask the next red haired male you see for a kiss" "collect 5 phone numbers from the next 5 males you come in contact with", etc. Those who complete the most tasks, wins at the end of the night. (Photos taken during the evening would be a fun idea to present to the bride at her wedding reception too!)


Sam of Taupo: I had always wanted to have a go at paintball so thought my stag night would be the perfect opportunity. We put the father-in-law and brother-in-law on one team and my dad, brother and I on the other and once we were kitted out it was open warfare. Everyone had a great time and felt they had deserved their beers. It was also a great way to get all generations involved though the younger at heart and in years then continued on into the early hours of the morning.


 Meredith of Wellington: A fun hen night is a gathering at a beauty spa with champagne, followed by a slap-up catered dinner!


 Karen of North Shore City: Start the day off with something exhilarating like - Canyoning... Then get pampered with hot showers, manicures and facials... Then some great conversion with your best friends with some yummy cocktails!


 Donna of Wanganui: My Bridesmaids are organising a cocktail party, with a selection of different cocktails to drink.  The idea is that the guests pay a small amount towards the cost of the cocktails, and therefore the cost is covered without anyone spending too much.  Going to a restaurant or bar would cost a lot more and this is more fun, and we get a variety of drinks to try.


 Karen of North Shore City: The hen and her close friends do a relaxing creative course - like a 3 hour sculpture course or flax weaving or ceramic painting complete with food platters and wine. Finish the day off with a good meal, great wine and good friends to laugh about the days creativity.


 Jesse of Invercargill: Great hen night would be relaxing with my closest of friends, with a make over or massage and nice wine and great food. With lots of fun stories about us.


 Kerry of Pukekohe: To spend a day away at a luxurious spa, playing tennis, or going walking in the forest, being treated to a luxurious massage and full beauty treatment (which I have never experienced before) and having a lovely dinner (and a few wines) with some close friends. Coming back relaxed and happy.


 Katy of Wellington: A great Hens Party idea would be to get just a few of your best galfriends together, be picked up by a stretch limo and escorted around some of your fav vineyards for a bit of a wine trail, including lunch in the park or at the beach picnicing on the best wines and a basket of yummy treats. It's a good way to ensure you spend quality time gossiping with your friends without the pressure of too much expense or fancy restaurant expectations. In other words, 'let your hair down'!!


 Rachel of Christchurch: A surprise hens night! Have a limo pick up the bride, take her (& the bridesmaids) to a health spa, for massages, waxing - whatever their hearts desire, then bubbles on the beach or on a boat for a catered dinner and after that funky bar for cocktails and then a night of madness in the city. That would be my perfect hens night,


 Gillian of Auckland: Hire a bus, by the time you split it up between everyone its quite reasonable plus you can drink on board and you know everyone will be taken home safely. The drag queen show on Queen Street is a good laugh and also provides a decent feed, its a great atmosphere for a stag or hen party then off to the pubs! Its a responsibly organised event and a great laugh, can entertain along the way with games, songs etc.


Janice of Napier: I think that if the bride is daring enough, that she should be dressed in disguise, wearing a mask as well to hide herself (sexy of course) and should attend the stag party as the sexy dancer for the groom. Without taking off her mask and without showing it all to all the stags there, doing an act that he will never forget. He will not only love it, but it will also add some spice to their lives. I know I would do it for my sweetheart. After all who better for their man to look at...

 Deborah of Whangaparaoa: My idea for a great hen party is a girly makeover and pamper party with drinks (incl. tequila) and a professional lap dancing and salsa lesson.