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Hot Rock Backpackers have heaps of hen and stag parties staying with them so it was inevitable that they would spill the beans of some of the top gags pulled on grooms to be.

Maybe their tips will inspire you to help make the next stag party you attend or organise extra special!

Here are some of Hot Rock Backpackers top stag gags:

Height Fright

Is your stag scared of heights? Hire a chicken costume and take him skydiving! Make sure every moment is captured on video so his screams can impress friends & family for years to come.

The Silver Bullet

Hire a silver lycra bodysuit for your groom to wear on his stag night. Ensure it is one size too small.

White Water Wonder

Enlist the rafting boys and take your stag party rafting. Everyone gets lifejackets & wetsuits except the stag, who gets a lifejacket and a leopard skin thong. Take on the world’s largest commercially rafted waterfall with your mate – he’ll never forget it!

The Southern Man

Hold a southern man theme for the stag where he is forced to wear waders. Begin by filling them with a gallon of water. Run a competition for the best trophy for the day and keep all the trophies in the waders.

Caught on Film

Let the stag get merrily drunk have a great night with the boys. Let him think he got away lightly, but develop the stag photos and photoshop a slinky blonde into the pictures. Enlist the wife in the prank and ask her to confront him with the photos and pretend to call off the whole wedding.

Do you have a Hen or Stag party story to share with us? or perhaps you have some photos of a hen or stag caught out on the night. We would love to feature your story on Weddings.co.nz. Come on just drop us an email and tell all!




The ideal place to hold your stag, with clean budget accommodation, swimming pool and mineral hot pools, and the legendary Lava Bar on-site, with happy hours 7 days, a pool table, entertainment, DJ’s and theme nights!

BOOK THE FUN AT HOT ROCKS: Sky Diving, Off Road Adventures, Paintball, White Water Rafting & Sledging, Zorb, Swoop, Jetboat, Bungy, Luge, Black Water Tubing, Golfing – we’ll arrange your group’s adventures!