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Ensure it looks beautiful for years to come.

After the wedding, a gown nearly always has dirt along the hem and make-up stains on the bodice, along with invisible stains from things like perspiration and white wine.  

These stains must be removed before storage because they cause chemical changes to the fabric causing it to yellow and making it more vulnerable to mould and other nasties. 

The gown may also need minor repair. 

You don't have to get your gown cleaned straight after the wedding, after you come home from your honeymoon is all right - unless you have a complete disaster like a large red wine or chocolate spill!

Cleaning wedding gowns requires experience, so choose a cleaner that either specialises or cleans many gowns every year.

When lifting your gown be sure to support it carefully to avoid stress on the fibres and seams.

Any foam-rubber bra or shoulder pads should be removed, because they will break-down over time and stain the fabric.

Once your gown has been repaired, cleaned and pressed it is ready to be stored

Whenever you touch your gown, wear clean white cotton gloves so oils and acid from your skin don't get onto the fabric. 

Work on a large table covered with a clean sheet. Lift your gown onto the sheet and then fold and wrap it in acid-free tissue. Use more tissue to pad and support the bodice and sleeves so they retain their shape, and to pad out the folds. Then place the wrapped gown in an acid-free box with a lid.

Flat storage in a box is best because hanging for a long time can stress the garment's seams and cause the fabric to stretch, and the lidded box will protect the gown from light and dust. Don't use plastic covers - they can emit gasses that cause the fabric to yellow.

Store the box flat (maybe under a bed) in a room where the temperature is not too hot or cold. Make sure that it will be safe from insect infestation, mould or rodents.

Once a year it should be refolded so it doesn't get permanent creases.

With careful cleaning and storage it will be ready for your daughter to wear !