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Gorgeous Silk Gown

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What - you don't want another electric blanket?


Asking for cash can be tricky - what people give as wedding gifts is part of the culture in your family and social group. Some always give money - others are horrified by the very idea. Only you know your guests and whether they'll understand or be offended.

If cash isn't the usual gift the best approach is to get someone responsible and tactful, such as your parents, to spread the word around. This keeps things low-key and helps to let people know what the money will be used for. Guests are likely to feel more comfortable writing a cheque if they know where the money is going. 

Often guests will want to buy you something tangible - which is where the creative gift register comes in. 

You could include 'honeymoon gift certificates', 'romantic dinner for two vouchers', you could even use the list to start your own wine cellar. What about including gift certificates towards a home improvement project with items like a square metre of flooring or garden gift vouchers. 

It might be more comfortable for your guests if one of your parents or friends administers the list for you.

Another option is to put a deposit on something you want (like a sofa) and invite guests to send a contribution to the shop.  Obviously you need a reputable store!

Remember that wedding gifts are not an entry ticket to your reception - your guests don't have to buy you anything. And whatever you receive, whether a cheque or another fondue set, write a sincere thank you note.