Pre-loved wedding dress - $1000

Size: 8-12

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Gorgeous Silk Gown

Reduced to $500!

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Getting married can be a bit like a cross-country run - complete with obstacles to scramble over and very slippery bits!

A simple and gentle training programme will help you stroll across the finish line feeling relaxed and looking your best.

The good news is that you can achieve great results exercising for a few minutes each day at home.  You can start any time, but you'll get best results if you begin at least three months before your wedding.

"Ideally your programme would include some cardio exercise to beat stress and improve your stamina, stretching for flexibility, and some weight work to tone up" says Pippa Innes, certified personal trainer and owner of Remuera Gym.

So, where should you start?


Here's Pippa's quick and effective workout for brides.


Fit for marriage - Introduction +click here
Fit for marriage - Upper body +click here
Fit for marriage - Abdominals +click here
Fit for marriage - Lower body +click here
Fit for marriage - Aerobic +click here