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We decided that prospective grooms' needed advice from a professional fashion expert so asked Rod of Exclusive Suit Hire for some tips for choosing wedding attire. Rod answers our questions below though if you have any more queries you should contact Exclusive Suit Hire directly and they will be more than happy to help you out!

What are the current trends in suits?

Following the trends in UK , Europe and USA there is a definite shift towards the more formal attire for weddings. People really want to add to the significance of the event by dressing up. Society weddings now feature morning suits with wing-collar shirts, waist-coats and bow ties or formal dinner suits for late afternoon or evening ceremonies.

However, there is still a welcome place for the less formal and during the summer you can expect to see more lighter coloured suits and more being made of fashion shirts and/or vests so that after the formalities, the jacket can come off but the men are still looking smart.

Are some styles better for some body types?

Yes. While the tall, lean man can look good in any suit, short or stocky men don't generally look as good in suits with longer jackets as these tend to accentuate their size. Generally, double-breasted suits are no longer the height of fashion but “barrel-chested” men can still look great in them.

What colours are popular?

Most formal wear for men remains charcoal. However, this summer's season's colour is taupe, a welcome and exciting diversion from the traditional.

Are there styles that are particularly good for weddings?

The longer jacket Dallas style with secreted buttons is particularly popular for weddings. But look out this year for the Italian ceremonial look, featuring self stripes with satin lapels and buttons – something really special.

What should a best man wear?

By far the most popular trend is for the best man and groomsmen to be uniform with the groom, often reflecting in their neckwear what the bridesmaids are wearing. For some the groom can have different coloured accessories (neck wear, vests or floral spray).

What are the advantages of hiring?

The greatest advantage has to be financial. To purchase a quality suit you can expect to spend in the vicinity of $1,000. Unless you intend to wear the suit following the wedding, there is little point spending that much. Then this expense will be multiplied by the number of men in the wedding party needing to wear the same suit. Plus the cost of accessories: shirts, ties, vests, shoes etc.

Using a quality suit hire company you can hire the same suit and accessories for everyone for less than the cost of that one suit which will never be worn again. You could use a business suit which could be used after the event but would that enhance the special occasion?

It is possible to arrange a fitting for a person overseas. It is best if an experienced mens outfitter is used to measure that person overseas and the measurements sent through. However, it is sometimes difficult overseas to find such people willing to carry out this service given that there is nothing in it for them. In that case just try on jackets and note which size is the best fit. When measuring trousers two measurements are important, firstly, the waist and then, the inside leg. The inside leg is easiest measured from a pair of trousers which already fit the wearer well. Just measure the inside seam from the bottom cuff up to the crutch of the trousers following the line of the seam.

How do I know that my suit fits?

The jacket should fit snugly around the waist so the buttons can be done up without pulling the fabric tightly across the belly and/or chest. Across the shoulders, it should neither be too tight nor have the shoulder pads jutting out because it’s too big. The sleeves should come down over the wrists to the base knuckle of the thumbs.

The trousers should fit snugly around the waist. An ideal fit would allow the trousers to just hold up without a belt when the waist is fastened and the fly is done up. There should be enough room in the seat to allow for comfortable movement, such as bending over or sitting. The trouser leg should be just long enough for the rear of the bottom of the leg to cover the back of the shoe and to come to rest on the top of the heel of the shoe. The front of the trouser leg should fold down over the instep of the shoe.

How do I choose the other accessories eg shirt, tie, waistcoat (and ensure that they match)?

Shirts should be carefully selected to enhance the style of suit being worn and the overall look being sought (consider here the image required to go with the bride). White always looks good but cream might be better if that is what the bride is wearing. Then there is the choice of collar. For the very formal occasion, the best look would probably be the wing collar which will enhance a dinner or morning suit and looks great with a bow-tie. Black is still a popular alternative for shirts. For the casual summer look, there are suitable shirts available for hire which are worn without a tie and, if required, without a jacket.

The best way to introduce colour into man's dreary livery, is to use the huge variety of choice available in neckwear. There are long ties with a classic windsor knot, bow ties, cravats and euro ties and if you can’t find anything from the wide selection available, consider having something tailor-made (perhaps to match the bridesmaids).

Waistcoats are another great way to introduce colour, style and finesse to the male image. There are a number of options, depending on what look is to be achieved, including matching waistcoats and bow ties, cravats or euro ties. Once again, waistcoats can also be tailor-made with your own material. They are help with warmth for winter but also are good in the warmer months when the men take off their jackets following the formalities. This way the wedding party still can stand out from the crowd and “keep their cool”.

What is the average costs of hiring a suit?

As most wedding parties will hire accessories as well as the suit, the average hire per person is $200.00. To purchase the equivalent apparel would cost about $1,400 each.

Any other tips or tricks for grooms when hiring a suit for their wedding?

It’s a brave man who chooses his wedding suit without reference to the bride. Part of her day is the surprise element for her groom and traditionally she won’t disclose what she will be wearing. Most brides would rather be part of the decision-making for the suits to ensure there are no clashes on the day.

Generally, it is better to get at least the groom sorted out and then the remainder of the groom's party can call for their suit fitting at their own leisure. With the groom sorted the others will be matched to him.

Early booking will avoid last minute panics. Arrange for early pick ups and try on the suit before leaving the shop, just in case!