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by Sara Bowen

Dance bands and djs ... and what else?  
Choose carefully and make a lasting impression.

Guests wait expectantly for Sara's entrance I hold a picture in my mind so extraordinary it sets the stage for all my wedding memories. 

I'm walking down the aisle, my path illuminated by flickering candlelight, engulfed by song. 

Guests wait expectantly for Sara's entrance

The setting was surreal and I recall the strength and emotion in the words sung and yet remember nothing of each step I took forward!


Taisha It was Taisha, a singer with the voice of an angel, who created this awesome atmosphere. The power behind her voice expressed the emotion we had hoped for our celebration and brought many guests to tears .

It's an example of the impact the right entertainer can make. Your wedding dress, location and theme are definitions of your individuality. So too, entertainment should become an integral part of the planning.


Dwayne Francks in action Comedian and events coordinator Dwayne Francks has a great slant on wedding entertainment.

"You've invited guests to join in your special day - and every part of it is entertainment!'

Dwayne Francks in action

It's an excellent point. After all, gorgeous dress, great ceremony... and flat party - is not the way you want to remember your big night!

In the South, the leaning is toward DJ's. Chatting with Beverley West of Twilight Entertainments in Dunedin, where the bands generally charge less than in the North, DJ's still rock!

"The price of a really good band is twice that of a disco. DJ's cater to all, from Grandma to Teeny Boppers," says Beverley. "And they like the light show!"

"Interestingly, the music that's a real hit is from the 70's and 80's. They're lyrics people recognise and that's important. Would you believe 'The Gambler' is one of the most popular songs?"

"We've noticed a small trend back to live entertainment," comments Helen Meyer of Greg Lay Entertainment, an agency offering every angle in talent from jazz to magicians, classical to character impersonations.

"Small bands playing music to suit all ages are extremely popular."

While the broad $500 to $5000 cost of bands (the latter being the big ticket price for well known names) may seem pricey, consider this. You're paying for a group of professionals who are playing for four or more hours. The commitment, practise and professionalism needed to create musical magic warrants the bill. Popular band The Mermaids is a good example.


The Mermaids "We specialise in weddings with 35 - 40 performances a year" says Pauline Berry of The Mermaids. The Mermaids" charge between $2,500 per evening at any Auckland venue.

The Mermaids

"We generally charge less per person than the cost of a DJ. It's value for money, plus a live performance with full sound. Great music clinches the whole day and we ensure success with talented and experienced singers/musicians who know how to read and work a crowd, constantly tweaking the tunes to find the fit."

But what of other options? It's not just about dance bands versus recorded tracks - think solo vocalists, choirs and cultural groups!  

Imagine Marilyn Monroe greeting your guests or a living statue of Queen Victoria at a garden wedding. 


Marilyn Monroe

Queen Victoria

'Marilyn Monroe' and 'Queen Victoria'


Robin Brew - the quintessential English butler

Think butlers - well that was Chris & Grace Osvald's idea anyway!

Robin Brew, alias 'The Butler', not only entertained attendees, but worked as Master of Ceremonies, smoothly directing the evening's flow with humour and atmosphere.

"The Butler image fitted perfectly with the classic Old English appeal of our venue," comments Grace. "Robin was wonderful. He directed all formalities, had the guests laughing and relaxing into the night. He basically ran the show, we didn't have to worry about a single thing!"

Robin Brew - the quintessential English butler

Cherise and the Stonettes

David & Cherise Stone celebrated their wedding at the Devonport Yacht Club in Auckland. A romantic seaside setting, they nevertheless set their sights on something a little outside the square - an entertainment alternative that encompassed their 'family' focus. With 35 adults attending and over half as many children, karaoke kicked off a fun night of spontaneity that tempted guests of all ages.

Cherise and the Stonettes


"What a wonderful night!" tells Cherise, "we received so many compliments from friends calling it the best wedding ever!"


Now, isn't that what we all want to hear?