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The venue(s) that you choose for both your ceremony and reception will play a major part on how your day runs. Accordingly, you need to make sure that the venue can provide everything that you need for your perfect day.


Here is a list of questions that you can ask when choosing your venue. Some of the questions may not apply to your situation so pick and choose the ones that apply.

  • How many guests can you comfortably accommodate?

  • How many hours does the rental cover?

  • Does this time period include set up and clean up? 

  • What are the overtime charges?

  • Do you have an in-house caterer, a list of approved caterers, or can I bring my own?

  • If you bring your own caterers, who is responsible for any problems, breakages, etc.?

  • If you bring your own caterer are there any cooking restrictions? 

  • Confirm with your caterer that the facilities are adequate.

  • Are they licensed to serve alcohol?

  • Is there a dance floor? 

  • How big is the dance floor?

  • Is the dance floor a separate area or do they set up tables on top of it?

  • If it's not a separate area how do they handle moving the tables/guests before the dancing starts?

  • Can you have live music?

  • When can your dj/band set up?

  • How late can we play music?

  • Do they have a sound system for background music, microphones for the toasts, etc.?

  • What else will be happening the day of your wedding? If there are several function rooms you won't want a noisy group next door - or a quiet group complaining about your noise

  • If there is more than one function room - which one will you be using?

  • What's the lighting like? Does it have a nice ambience?

  • Is there a minimum fee?

  • If they have a package, what is included? Are there any extra charges? 

  • Is the price quoted guaranteed for your date?

  • Do they require a deposit? 

  • What is the minimum deposit?

  • What is their refund/cancellation policy? 

  • What happens to your deposit if they sell or close down their business?  For example will your deposit be held in a trust account until your wedding?

  • When do you need to pay the balance? 

  • When do you need to advise numbers?

  • Can you see photos of previous wedding set-ups?

  • Can you come and see the room set up for a wedding? 

  • When you do, look carefully at the traffic flow for buffets, dancing, etc. 

  • What are the tables like? How many can sit comfortably at each one.

  • Does it look like it will hold the group comfortably or is it cramped?

  • What parking is available? 

  • Do they have valet parking? What is the cost? 

  • Will there be enough parking if another function is going on at the same time.

  • Tell me about a wedding you did where something went wrong - how did you handle it?

  • Who will be there on the day making sure everything runs smoothly?

  • What happens if guests stay over time?

  • Are there any restrictions for example numbers, noise, curfew?

  • Are tables, chair, plates, cutlery, table linens supplied? What about decorations?

  • If you're decorating when can you get access, when does it have to be cleaned up by? Are there any restrictions on what you can use.

  • Is there a room where you can change into your going-away clothes.

  • A contract should include:

  • date

  • hours

  • hire fee

  • catering cost

  • any other charges

  • approximate guest count

  • any promises made by the venue 
    (e.g. "we'll supply flowers for the tables")

  • the name of the person you've been talking to.

  • Before you sign anything, read it carefully and ask for changes to anything you're not comfortable with.

Click here to Download these questions to edit with your favourite word processor