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If you are having your wedding reception catered, it is going to be one of the main expenses incurred on the day. Accordingly, you need to make sure that your caterer is going to be able to provide both the food and service that you want.

Here are some questions to ask. Some of the questions may not apply to your situation so pick and choose the ones that will apply.

  • Can you see a range of sample menus and prices?

  • Can you see some pictures of their work? 

  •  What can they do for your budget?

  •  Can they cater for guests with special dietary requirements?

  • Can you have a taste test of the food?

  • Are there any extra costs e.g. glassware, linens, etc.?

  • Is there a minimum charge?

  • Do they require a deposit? What is the minimum deposit?

  • What is their refund/cancellation policy? 

  • What happens to your deposit if they sell or close down their business?  For example will your deposit be held in a trust account until your wedding?

  • When do you need to pay the balance? 

  • When do you need to advise numbers?

  • Do they have the necessary food preparation licences?

  • Tell me about a wedding you did where something went wrong - how did you handle it?

  • Do you specialise in certain cuisines or types of menu?

  • Where is the food prepared? Do they bring it ready-cooked or do they need the kitchen?

  • Do they take care of all the cleaning/washing up? 

  • When does the menu need to be finalised by?

  • How are your wait staff dressed?

  • For buffet meals, how often will the food be replenished? How long do you serve food for? Can guests help themselves for as long as they want?

  • How many wait staff will we have? 
    (Rule of thumb - 1 per 16 to 20 guests for a sit-down meal, 1 per 25 guests for buffet or cocktail receptions)

  • How is the cost of beverages calculated? 

  • How is usage confirmed?

  • What brands will be served? If they offer 'house' wine can you taste it?

  • Can you bring your own beer, wine etc? If so, is there a corkage/serving charge?

  • What alternatives to alcohol do they offer? 

  • If you've arranged a cash bar, what prices will be charged?

  • Do they provide a bar person? When will they be staffing the bar?

  • Are they familiar with the reception venue? If not will they confirm kitchen facilities, clean-up rules, etc.?

  • Who will be responsible for any problems, breakages, etc.?

  • If they are coming to your venue (home or hall) how will they transport and store the food?

  • Is the price quoted guaranteed for your wedding day?

  • Do they organise the cutting/serving of the wedding cake? Is there an extra charge for this?

  • Can they provide boxed meals for you both to take away with you? (You might be so busy chatting with your guests or so nervous you miss the meal)

  • Who will be there on the day making sure everything runs smoothly?

  • Contract should include

    • menu

    • labour

    • beverages

    • rentals

    • any promises made by the caterer (e.g. "we're happy to include complimentary tea and coffee")

    • the name of the person you've been talking to.

  • Before you sign anything, read it carefully and ask for changes to anything you're not comfortable with.

Click here to Download these questions to edit with your favourite word processor