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An American idea that's starting to catch on here.

It's origins are not clear.  Some say that the groom served it to the bridesmaids with a glass of wine, others think that the groom's cake was saved and shared with friends after the honeymoon.
'Harley' by Sweet Cakes

Traditionally it's a dark cake to contrast with the American white 'bride's' cake. 

In the southern United States the groom's family brought a chocolate cake to the wedding.

This cake was cut into 2.5cm pieces, which were wrapped and placed in tiny white boxes trimmed with ribbon or artificial flowers. These packages were sent home with the guests. 

Folklore says that a young woman sleeping with a slice under her pillow would dream of her future husband.

Today the groom's cake symbolises something special in the groom's life, often representing hobbies, interests or career.

Joanna Mcginley is planning to surprise her finance, Murray, with a groom's cake at their reception.

"I want to give Murray the cake to highlight his individuality and personality.

It also means Murray can have his favourite flavour cake and I can have a traditional tiered and decorated fruit-cake.

It will be either a carrot or chocolate cake. Murray is interested in golf, soccer and rowing. 

Since our reception will be at a rowing club I'm leaning towards rowing as the decoration theme.

'Golf' by Ice-It

Murray's cake will be displayed on the same table as the 'bride's' cake - probably not beside it - and will be served at the reception with the 'bride's' cake.

I anticipate a fair amount of cake being left over, so we will have some cake boxes for people who wish to take it home."