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Ideas to help celebrate your milestones.

Anniversary Traditional Contemporary
1 paper clocks
2 cotton china
3 leather crystal/glass
4 flowers/silk appliances
5 wood silverware
6 sugar/iron iron
7 wool/copper wool/copper/brass
8 bronze bronze/pottery
9 pottery linen/lace
10 tin leather
11 steel jewellery
12 linen pearls
13 lace textiles/fur
14 ivory gold jewellery
15 crystal watches
20 china platinum
25 silver silver
30 pearl pearl
35 coral jade
40 ruby ruby/garnet
45 sapphire sapphire
50 gold gold
55 emerald emerald/turquoise
60 diamond diamond
75 diamond diamond/gold

Paper is the one people ask about most often - it can be a bit of a challenge of think of an exciting paper gift.  Here are a few starters:  books, a framed picture, a photo of you, stationery with a pen, books, a photo album (maybe with pictures of you both from when you first met until now), tickets to a special show or game, a love poem written by you.

Did you know ...

New Zealand's longest married couple

The longest lasting marriage between two New Zealanders was between Mr and Mrs D.S. Prince.  The couple married in Wanganui on February 6, 1883, and celebrated their 76th anniversary in Palmerston North in 1959.  At that time, Mr Prince was an inspiring 95 years old.

From The New Zealand Book of Records
Jonathan Eisen & Katherine Joyce Smith, 
ATI Press, ISBN 0-9583334-2-4