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Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any fees to pay if I buy a dress that is listed on weddings.co.nz?

No, there are no fees to pay to weddings.co.nz. All that you will pay is the price that is agreed between you and the seller (which might include shipping charges). If you use a third party payment system (such as SafeTrader) you will have to pay their fee.

How do I contact the Seller?

The Seller will have contact details listed in the advertisement. This may be a phone number or e-mail address.

How will the dress be delivered?

This is something that you will have to discuss with the Seller. Normally, the Buyer will pay the shipping costs, but sometimes each party agrees to pay half.

Can I try the dress on?

This will usually depend on where the dress is located. If it is near to you, most Sellers will let you try the dress on. If you live in a different city and want to try the dress on you will probably need to pay for the dress to be shipped to you. This is something that you will need to discuss with the Seller.

What happens if I receive the dress and don't like it?

Although we're no law firm, the way we understand it is that unless you agree otherwise with the Seller, if you agree to buy the dress then you have to take it (provided that the Seller hasn't misrepresented the condition or style of the dress). We recommend that, prior to agreeing to buy the dress, you agree with the Seller to have a period (for example, 3 days) in which you can decide not to buy the dress - this means that you can receive the dress, try it on, and see what alterations need to be made. The Seller might agree to this provided that if you damage the dress then you are bound to buy it and provided that you will pay any return shipping costs in the event that you decide not to buy it. Alternatively, you can use a service such as SafeTrader (as explained further below) which in certiain circumstances give the Buyer a right to "inspect and reject" .

What happens if the Seller wants me to pay before he sends me the item?

Many Sellers get nervous that they will send an item and never receive payment for it. If the Seller wants you to pay them before they will send the item and you don't want to, you can use a service such as SafeTrader. SafeTrader acts as an agent - you pay SafeTrader and they don't release the money to the Seller until you confirm that you have received the item and that it is what you thought it was going to be.


How much does it cost to list a dress?

Listings cost $20 for six months.

How much should I sell my dress for?

This is of course entirely up to you. However, when choosing a price at which to sell your dress you need to be realistic. You are unlikely to get back what you paid for it. But at least if you get something for it then it gives you money that you didn't have and also frees up space in your closet! You need to remember that Buyers are taking a bit more of a risk when buying secondhand and, accordingly, won't be willing to pay full price. We also recommend being willing to negotiate the price as you are more likely to sell your dress.

How many photos can I put in the ad?

We are happy for you to have 2 photos in each ad (for dresses, we recommend one of the front and one of the back).

I don't have the photos on my computer - how do I send them to you?

You can post your photos to us and we will scan them in and return them to you. For a small fee, we can even send you a CD with the photos on it when we return your photos.

I don't want my face to be in the photos - what can I do?

We can blank out your face from the photos if you require.

What if it doesn't sell?

If your dress doesn't sell after 6 months (which is how long a listing lasts for), it may be that you are asking too much for it. We recommend relisting it at a reduced price.

How do I negotiate the sale of the dress?

We recommend that you provide both an e-mail address and phone number in your advertisement. Once a potential buyer gets in touch with you, you will need to ascertain whether they are willing to pay what you are asking. You may need to be flexible on the price to reach an agreement. You should also discuss things like shipping charges as well.

How do I make sure I get paid?

One way of making sure that you get paid is by using a service such as SafeTrader. With SafeTrader, the Buyer pays SafeTrader who holds the money in a trust account. Once SafeTrader receives the money, you are instructed to send the goods. When the Buyer receives the goods, SafeTrader releases the money to you.

Can I change my mind once it is listed?

You can remove your listing at any time. However, no refund will be given once your listing is live on the site. You can change the wording/price of your listing at any time while it is listed - just e-mail us with your listing number and the wording that you would like changed.

My dress was made specially for me and isn't a standard size - what size should I list it under?

As many wedding dresses are made specifically for people (and, accordingly, aren't a standard size), we let you list your dress under two sizes (for exampe, size 8 and size 10). This is included as part of the standard listing fee.