1  General / General Wedding Discussion / croquembouche tower for wedding cake
 on: May 7th, 2017, 10:38pm 
Started by poseiden | Post by poseiden  
Does anyone know of places where I can get a croquembouche tower wedding cake made in the Hamilton area??

2  General / General Wedding Discussion / Golf Theme Wedding - Greenery 2017 Wedding Colour
 on: May 2nd, 2017, 3:36pm 
Started by Natalie P | Post by Natalie P  

I just put together a board on Pinterest for Golf themed weddings and since 'greenery' is the colour of 2017 thought it may be of use to someone.

Check it out.  


Thanks Smiley

3  General / General Wedding Discussion / Looking for someone to do a bridal boudoir shoot
 on: Apr 6th, 2017, 2:12pm 
Started by Natalie P | Post by Natalie P  
Hi there

I'm looking for a bride to do a bridal boudoir photography shoot.

If you are interested please email me nataliepascophotography@gmail.com

I am based in East Auckland.



4  General / Wedding Venues / Cocktail style vs Sit down meal
 on: Feb 16th, 2017, 10:25am 
Started by P | Post by P  
Has anyone been to or themselves gone for a more cocktail style wedding over a sit down formal wedding and how did it go? Did you have enough seating for everyone? What did people do with there bags and jackets etc. I love the idea of it but not sure on the practicality of it. We are quite introverts and the idea of being on display for everyone and having to make sure we walk around to every table talking to people makes me anxious. They idea we can all just mingle sounds much better! Any tips or advice please.

5  General / Wedding Photographers / Videographer - Why do they all do the same? Welly
 on: Feb 9th, 2017, 12:11pm 
Started by KarenHM | Post by KarenHM  
Hello all brides!

I'm looking for a videographer but they all do the same style of video, where there is music drowning the conversations and they are all the same sequence;  bride & groom getting ready, walking there, no audio of vows or speeches, random easy listening song, random shots of selected guests and then the videos only last about 10  to 12 minutes.

It has made me nostalgic for the 1990's wedding videos where people had a microphone and well-wished the newly weds or gave them advice, people dancing and joking, speeches and crying mothers, you know what I mean?

Does anybody know of a videographer who would do that in Wellington?

6  General / General Wedding Discussion / Vow Renewal
 on: Dec 7th, 2016, 2:08pm 
Started by Natalie P | Post by Natalie P  
Hi all,

I am wondering if anyone has done a vow renewal before and what they did for it. Ill be 10 years in March next year.


7  General / General Wedding Discussion / Re: Wedding Cake
 on: Oct 3rd, 2016, 1:34pm 
Started by Renee12 | Post by Janine1981  
We used zhakita cakes -  tania was great. Lots of variety and i thought really reasonably priced.


8  General / General Wedding Discussion / Auckland Weddings - the good and bad suppliers
 on: Oct 3rd, 2016, 1:28pm 
Started by Janine1981 | Post by Janine1981  
Hi all. Just thought i would update everyone on our wedding and the good and bad suppliers.
Photographer:  Perry Trotter
Absolutely amazing photographer, discrete on the day, pictures came our wonderfully, the album was amazing! Well worth the money.  Cost - average for Auckland.

Videographer: White cinematographers
Fanastic, i am so glad we got a video made, i still watch it now and cry. It was the best investment, i would say more so than the pictures as they captured the whole day as a feature film as well as all the speeches and the whole wedding ceremony.  The music and editing was top notch. The weddfing video came in a lovely wooden box engraved adn so well present. Again super discrete and Jolyon was so professional and just a super lovely guy. I would definitely highly recommend.

Wedding flowers: Orlando Flowers
Wow Wow WOW! the ceremony reveption flowers were absolutely mind blowing. I love flowers and these guys did an absolutely amazing job. I had quite a specific look i was going for and they just blew me away. very generous with the amount of flowers and worth absolutely every penny!  Susan was kind and caring and catered for our every need!

DJ:  Source Entertainment - Mobile DJ's
The ceremony was great and p[layed nicely. The reception music was terrible. they made us send them a massive list of music to play at the reception party and they did not use one song. My husband and I spent ages putting it together. It was so disapointing. The DJ that was mixing was absolutely terrible, It was a massive disapointment and kind of ruined our night. Sad I recommend them for the ceremony music but definitely not for the reception.

Venue: Orakie Event centre
Amazing views, excellent indoor reception - outdoor ceremony. It was quite expensive but well worth it, food was amazing, everyone commented. Only dissapointment was an increase in price at the last minute even though we had paid our deposit Sad

9  General / General Wedding Discussion / ASK WEDDING FLORIST
 on: Sep 14th, 2016, 9:13pm 
Started by flowersella | Post by flowersella  
Hello brides and grooms! As I promised on this Topic I will answer on all your questions, will show different photos and will try to comment it. And also advise you on the choice of the flowers, bouquets and something like that. So ask, don't hesitate!))) Will be glad to help you!  Cheesy I have got a lot of question from brides and grooms (sometimes) and one of them will put here - just like start of this Topic.

10  General / General Wedding Discussion / Queenstown wedding?
 on: Sep 10th, 2016, 7:44pm 
Started by Pennyj | Post by Pennyj  
Hi all-we are based in Auckland but am very keen to get married in Queenstown. If anyone has any recommendations on photographers, cakes, hair and make up, DJ etc would be great! I don't know where to start. We are looking at stoneridge for our venue. Thanks for your help!!!